Artificial Intelligence For Everyone.

Say goodbye to expensive and complicated AI solutions.

With IXIOO, creating a machine learning model is as simple as uploading an Excel file.

Experience the simplicity and power of AI with IXIOO, the startup that’s redefining the machine learning landscape.

Just upload your Excel file, and let us work our magic, creating a robust Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) AI model without any technical jargon or parameters.
Our platform is designed to empower every user, regardless of their technical background, enabling them to use their AI model for precise predictions.

Step into the world of data-driven decision making. With IXIOO, accessing the future of business intelligence has never been easier..

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data science for the enterprise

IXIOO is an ideal choice for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) that are looking for a straightforward, cost-efficient gateway into machine learning.
By eliminating the requirement for in-house data science capabilities, IXIOO makes advanced predictive analytics accessible to organizations across all industries.

Consulting Marketplace

IXIOO's Consulting Marketplace is a dynamic platform fostering collaboration.
Users post consulting requests to source AI expertise while external consultants provide tailored solutions

IXioo Consulting

IXIOO's Consulting Marketplace offers organizations a platform to explore the various ways in which IXIOO's AutoML can benefit them. Consultants propose tailored projects to leverage AutoML for enhanced decision-making, efficiency, and competitive advantage.

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