Artificial intelligence is exciting because it promises to introduce a totally new way to business operations is a leading enterprise artificial intelligence software provider for accelerating digital transformation

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Artificial intelligence is moving out of the realms of science fiction and futurist technologies.

AI now has many practical applications that are used in the real world of business today. AI software can be implemented in several areas of your business from customer service to sales and marketing.

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Integrating AI in your business

It’s necessary to understand the strategy, challenges, opportunities faced by your company, your data & analytics capabilities. Then with our understanding of state-of-the-art AI, our consultants will identify the most useful AI initiatives for your company.

Implementation of the AI strategy within your company will be done by us with either our product or with another software like Tensorflow

Then your teams will be trained about the new technologies we have deployed for you and on which you are working on.

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Our Core Services

IXIOO is a Machine Learning Consulting firm experienced in applying AI and Machine Learning to business problems.

Business analyse

First, we need to understand your problem better. We organize a 3-days onsite workshop at your office, to determine how AI can improve your business

AI Integration strategy

Evaluation of several possibility of AI integration within your company business will determine which project(s) to choose.

Data Extraction Plan

Machine Learning needs data. We will see how to extract data within your company.

AI Model Building

We will run experiments in parallel to find the machine(s) learning model(s) fitting best the defined strategy. The model is the core of your machine learning system.


For each machines project(s) selected for deployment, we will work closely to prepare the roadmap and determine requirements.

AI Deployement

We integrate the machines project(s) with your company system(s) using cloud or internal infrastructures.



We use mostly Tensor flow, Kafka, Hadoop, Spark


We use our own cloud platform, which is more cost-efficient. Or we use AWS, Azure, or Google cloud infrastructure


We integrate the AI models engines into user-friendly apps and well-documented APIs. Our language of choice is Python.



Highly professional team with proven experience in building AI software


Pre-built proprietary technologies to speed up building standard AI Machines


Agile methodology ensure we’re accountable, responsive, and focused on results

Awesome Team

Awesome Team

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