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That can be deployed by just knowing how to “click ‘n drop.”

Ixioo enables you to go beyond traditional automated machine learning and create creative models from your data sources : file, cloud, ftp, odbc, etc..

With an incredibly comprehensible range of integrated tools, build machine learning models to help create data science for your organization- from classification to deep learning algorithms and everything in between. What’s more – you don’t have to know about data science before you can use it. And with a few click, make accurate predictions from the models and gain insights in minutes.

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Ixioo is for all of us – executives, decision-makers, analysts... you. Boost your enterprise with learning machine. Ixioo is for everybody - analysts, decision-makers, executives, you name it.

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Looking For Skilled Professionals To Help With Your Projects? Ixioo Is Truly A Place For Everyone – Those Who Know Data Science And Those Who Need Data Science. Get Connected To Professionals To Help With Your Data Science Project.

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Let’s Talk About The Ways Data Science Can Help Your Organization Drive Revenue, Cut Costs, And Avoid Risks. Your Business Is Generating Vast Quantities Of Data Every Second That Can Be Used To Optimize Decision-Making.

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