How can one become a Machine Reseller at IXIOO Partner Program?

IXIOO, apart from providing the highest quality services for non-data-scientists, also offers a great opportunity for experienced users to collaborate with us. At IXIOO Partner Program, we are pleased to offer specialists to become our partners, helping us supply IXIOO clients with qualitative services. In this section, we will elaborate on how one can become a Machine Reseller in terms of our partnership program.

Who is a machine reseller, and what do they do? 

IXIOO provides its clients with an opportunity to create machines, hence make predictions. On some occasions, it is more convenient to purchase a ready machine, and with its help to make predictions. Therefore if you are a data scientist who owns machines of the greatest accuracy, you can sell them to other users. Thereby you will earn money for your machines, and buyers will be able to use them for completing their machine learning projects. 

In order to avoid fraud, IXIOO suggests signing a contract. Signing a contract makes any sort of scam impossible, protecting both sides of a deal.

That is actually how our partnership program works for machine resellers. If you look forward to collaborating with us, we will be delighted to talk to you via our contact page.