How does the Consultant section work at IXIOO Partner Program?

IXIOO is wide open to any partnerships, hence strongly encourages them. At IXIOO Partner Program, we are delighted to cope with experienced users, forming mutually beneficial collaboration both for you and us. Together we will provide qualitative services and maximize users’ satisfaction with our system. If you are interested in becoming our partner consulting other users, keep reading for more information. 

Who is a consultant, and what do they do?

IXIOO system was designed for non-data-scientists, making it comprehensible and easy to use. Though, some users look for assistance to clarify things related to a machine learning part. 

Therefore we offer our clients requesting specialists’ help. Since we suggest being partners with us, you will become a consultant, providing users with certain steps of their machine learning projects’ completion. Each time a user asks for assistance, you receive a request with a description of an issue and the conditions of a deal. If everything satisfies you, you sign a contract for a secure deal and start cooperating with a client. Do not be afraid of being scammed, since IXIOO policy makes any kind of fraud impossible.   

In case you want to become our partner and someone's helping hand, feel free to connect with us through our contact page.