How to get the most from buying taught machines at IXIOO Marketplace?

IXIOO Marketplace itself is a unique platform purposely designed for connecting users who want to share data or purchase it. In this article, we will discuss the Taught Machine section of our marketplace.

Owning a dataset is paramount for creating a machine. Still, even if you acquire the dataset, you may need to use a prepared machine on some occasions. Whether you want to save time or lack required data, you are welcome to purchase a Taught Machine on IXIOO Marketplace.     

How does it work?

At IXIOO Marketplace, anybody, who uses our system, can load their machines and earn money on them. Accordingly, anyone willing to buy a machine can request their owners to sell them one. 

In case a request is sent, and the owner is interested in a deal, two sides have to sign a contract to avoid being involved in a scam. Afterward, both an owner and a client are safe within a deal. Eventually, an owner receives money, and a customer obtains a machine for further use.  

Now you are familiar with the process of buying and selling machines on IXIOO Marketplace. If you still have questions, we will be pleased to answer them through our contacting page.