What does the White Label License section offer at IXIOO Partnership Program?

IXIOO enables its users not only to use a product of high quality but also to become our partners. At IXIOO Partnership Program, we are delighted to cooperate with our users in three ways: Consult, Machine Reseller, and OEM/White Label License. As long as the first two mostly refer to data scientists themselves, the third one is related to using our system in other software. In this article, we will briefly elaborate on the OEM/White Label License section of the partnership program. 

How can our system be used according to OEM/White Label License?

IXIOO is a complex system for creating machines and making predictions. As long as we provide our clients with the possibility to complete their machine learning projects in minutes, we also offer to purchase our software as a white label product. It means that our system can be used in your software with your own branding.      

This is actually how White Label License works at our partnership program. If you are interested in getting the license, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page. We will be pleased to talk to you.