What Prediction part is used for at Consulting Marketplace?

In order to make your experience on IXIOO more effective, we encourage you to use our Consulting Marketplace section. It is a great solution for those who need assistance on a certain step of the prediction-making process. 

How can one use a consultant’s help in a prediction part?

After your data is ready, you should prepare a data science part too. Do not hesitate to contact specialists, so they can give you a piece of advice on which data science approaches will be the most suitable for your purpose. 

This is a crucial part of the whole data science process. Unless you know how prediction models function, you would better ask a consultant to clarify it. Apart from explaining how data science will work specifically in your case, they will also suggest the most relevant features to use.

Now you are aware of what is the Prediction section and how to use it at Consulting Marketplace. But if you still find something unclear, do not hesitate to contact us via contacting page.