Why one should use IXIOO?

IXIOO is a product in which we focus on making predictions from the provided data. It is possible only with Machine Learning tools which are integrated inside our system. Using the Automated Machine Learning approach, there is no more need for a human to create models, as IXIOO does it for you. Additionally, you do not have to be knowledgeable in Machine Learning to make predictions with the help of our system. The only thing you should know is what you want to make predictions of and be familiar with the data you are using.

Benefits from using IXIOO     

  • Save your time

Creating a model in real life is a time-consuming process which requires dedication and scrupulosity. Whereas IXIOO’s approach allows you to create it in minutes, even not knowing anything in Machine Learning.

  • Avoid human mistakes

Machine Learning techniques that data scientists implement themselves, apart from taking an abundance of time, also include a human factor, so errors are not so rare. On the contrary, using our utterly automated system, you will be capable of receiving flawless predictions.

  • Get a consultation for better results

IXIOO also provides its users with a unique consulting system. Therefore, in case you have any issues related to your data, you can always ask for assistance from experienced users or the IXIOO team.